Hit or Stand

Hit or Stand are the most basic options you have to decide when playing blackjack.

Hit: taking another card from the deck. If you choose to hit the dealer will give you another card which will be faced up immediatly. Always hit if you think that your chances increase reaching a closer hand total of 21.

Stand: That means that you are sticking to the two or more cards you’ve been dealt. Choose stand if you think that your hand has a high probability of winning or that chances are to high to bust (= your hand total is higher than 21) if you ask for another card.

At most online casinos the virtual dealer is obliged to hit on a total which is below or equal to 16 and stand on a total hand value of 17 or higher.

Although, some online casinos have a different rule: dealer hits at soft 17, which means the dealer draws another card on Ace+6 cards.

It is absolute crucial for your play to know the rules, since this hitting on soft 17 changes your odds and the blackjack strategy you should play with.

Advanced players will never make their decision of hit or stand solely based on their two cards total. They will always consider other factors as well, such as the dealers up card.

Some online casinos offer other possibilities for your hand: surrender, split or double down.

To make your decisions based not just on your instinct you should make use of our strategy charts and thus increase your chances dramatically.

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