When to Double Down in Blackjack

Double down – do it right and win high

Blackjack Strategy DoubleDownAfter you receive your first two BlackJack cards, you have the option to “double down”.

“Double down” means you can double your original bet.

If you double down, the dealer will give you only one more card and then draw the cards needed to complete his own hand.

While playing online blackjack (as well as in person), doubling down is an essential tactic to lower the casino’s house advantage (aka house edge) if you know when to do it.

I have heard of many people that they never double down because of the risk of losing two bets at the same time. Of course this might happen from time to time, but if you follow or online black jack strategy you will only double down when the odds are in your favour.

The reason you should double down in the first place is when certain cards have been dealt – knowing these BlackJack situations, over time the double down will earn you money (and/or release your free sign up bonus).

By not doubling down when you should, you are increasing the house advantage.

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