Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack players face the house, not each other. Unlike as in poker psychology and game theory do not come into play with blackjack; instead it is all about mathematics.

Let me start with the bad news:

the odds are in the casinos favor (and will always be)

And now the good news:

earning money by using our strategy is clearly in your favor

All you need to do is play consistently and of course follow the tips below.
Properly played online Blackjack is the casino game with the least house edge (just around 0.5% in favour of the house).
The casino bonuses shown on our “Top Bonus” page can be cleared in a few hours each.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Use our Blackjack Strategy Cards.
  • Download the casino software of one of our recommended casinos.
  • Open up a Neteller account if you don’t have one already (if you ask yourself “Why?”, “What’s that?” you can learn everrything you need to know about Neteller on our “Banking Reviews” page).
  • Take advantage of the full bonus of one of our recommended casinos. (Remember, although there may be reload bonuses offered to you later, the first time deposits are one off deals, so if you cash in for only half the amount, you lose that extra bonus for ever.)
  • Allways read the Terms & Conditions which apply for the bonus!!! (We do everything to keep the information provided on this site as up to date as possible – nevertheless, re-check at the casinos “Terms & Conditions”).
  • Bet small – don’t bet $20 hands! Play $1 wagers and follow our strategy cards, if everything works fine you might increase to $2/$3 wagers.
  • Don’t increase the size of your wager when you’re losing! Stay patient – treat this like a job (your earnings depend also on your dedication to stick to our strategy and not your instincts)
  • Cash out after meeting the minimum wagering requirements and move on to the next online casino bonus in our list.

You still ask yourself how this could work with odds being in the casinos favour?

Want an example?
100% bonus up to $200 on Casino On Net
On your first deposit in Casino On Net the casino will give you a 100% bonus up to $200.

Deposit: $200
Bonus: $200

In order to release the bonus, you must satisfy the minimum wager requirement of 20 X $200 (sign up bonus) = $ 4000.
Sounds a lot? Definitly, but be assured it is easier than it sounds because all wins and all losses will count towards the wager requirement. Sometimes you may be up and sometimes down but over the course of your play your calculated earnings are $184.
Amazing for just a couple of hours of work!

How do we calculate an earning of $184?

The house edge for Casino On Net when using our strategy card is just 0.40%.
$4000 x 0.40% = $16 (with an house edge of 0.40% and a minimum turnover of $4000 the casino will win $16 – but only if you play small bets!) $200 (your bonus) – $16 = $184 (your earning!!!)

This is the formula:
(Bonus) – [(Bonus) x (wager requirements) x (house edge)] = (your earning)
200 – [200 x 20 x 0.4%] = 184

Why does it work?

Online casinos know that most players don’t have a glue about a Blackjack Strategy like ours and they expect their users to keep playing after meeting the wager requirements. But not you – cash out with your earnings and look at our casino review page for the next bonus and the matching strategy card.

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